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The Mountain Art Gallery was born at the intersection of art and natural landscapes. Our passionate photographers have captured the spirit of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and are pleased to share their artistry with you. Take a look at the latest additions to our extensive collection and order today to bring the mountains home!

Featured Artists

We are proud to offer these artists' work exclusive to The Mountain Art Gallery

Tristan O'Hetherington.PNG

Tristan O'Hetherington

Whether scaling the sides of mountains or chasing auroras from dusk till dawn, Tristan is known for his extreme mountaineering and adventurous spirit that allow him to capture breathtaking vistas.

Stanley Aryanto.PNG

Stanley Aryanto

After extensive travel, Stanley has made his way to Lake Louise where you can find him exploring the unbeaten path as he attempts to capture the unseen perspectives of the Canadian Rockies.

Sophie Smimth.PNG

Sophie Smith

Equipped with a passion for wildlife and landscape photography, Sophie traveled from the UK to the Canadian Rockies where she spends her time capturing perfect wildlife shots.

Ben Clark.PNG

Ben Clark

As an avid nature photographer, Ben has spent countless hours exploring the natural environment, using his keen eye to capture the essence and beauty of the natural world.