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Dressing for Your Winter Photo Shoot. Written by Stacey Parker

Preparing for winter portraits can often present a unique challenge between feeling your best, while ensuring you stay warm. So let's talk about some tips and tricks to get the most out of your winter wardrobe.


A big key to success here is layers! Layer up wherever possible with a sweater, extra socks or even leggings underneath clothing. And the best part? Winter offers an easy wardrobe change, without sacrificing to much warmth. Taking off your jacket for a few shots gives you a chance for a totally different look. Layering will also look great in your images - whether it's a knitted sweater on top of a long sleeve top or a nice sweatshirt with your favorite jacket.


Winter is easy to accessorize, throw on a hat, earmuffs, scarf or face mask! It's winter-time, looking ready for winter is the perfect accessory.


Use colour to your advantage, it's bound to make you stand out on a snowy white background. You can choose to go big with a colourful outfit or small accents, like a red headband!


A blanket makes for a great prop. Remember layers? Wrap it around you and your partner and get cozy! You can also use it to spread out on the ground and protect your wardrobe from getting snowy and you from the cold. Have some cute mugs or thermos? Bring those along, hot drinks not only make for a cute "prop", but are perfect to sip on for warmth. Candy canes are more than just a great snack, they also look pretty cute as well.

There is no reason to get cold while you strike a pose! Lake Louise can see a lot of snow through the winter months, but follow these tips and you'll be thinking warm thoughts throughout your session.

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