• Douglas Otto

Getting Candid Images During Your Session. Written by Stacey Parker

The art of the candid photo, it looks easy, but we hear all the time from people they "don't know how to pose" or "they're awkward in front of a camera". Well, lucky for you that's where your professional Banff Photographers come in!

The truth is, those candid images you see are mindfully crafted and a result of thoughtful posing. This is your photo-shoot, you shouldn't have to think about posing or how you're going to look natural!

Let's take a look at a few examples of how we create the perfect setting for candid imagery.

You bet in the below image, those smiles are a result of pure laughter. Photography may be a still image, but it still has a lot to do with movement. We want you to play and have fun! For this image I asked the couple to hold hands and spin around slowly. Sure, it might seem silly, but as a result they couldn't stop laughing! From here, waiting for the perfect moment to capture both of their smiles.

In this next set of images you can see our family sitting on the rock (left). What happened next... timed laughter with mom and dad (right)! I waited for the family to get comfortable and then instructed them to tickle. You don't have to be an expert model in order to have and look natural.

Lastly, we have our couple sitting in the woods. The first image (left) of them sitting together is okay, but what would make it better is even bigger smiles (right)! Candid photography is often a result of letting your subjects be themselves! Make them sit long enough and they're bound to laugh at the situation. Our job as photographers is to make you feel comfortable.

So when you come for your photo session, forget everything else and enjoy yourself. The best images are a result of relaxation and enjoying the moment, it's our job to capture your images and create candid imagery like the above. We might make you do some crazy things, like spin around in front of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, but we bet you'll remember it and have a huge grin on your face.

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