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SURPRISE! all year round! Written by Sophie Smith

Lake Louise offers a stunning backdrop for portraiture all year round - making it the perfect location for surprise proposals.

Shine, rain (or snow) we are actively committed to capturing the perfect moment here at Banff Photography!

When it comes to proposals, pre-planning is very important, such as: location, time, style, and how!

One of the hardest components to a surprise proposal that couples usually face, is getting their partner down to the Lakeside, dressed formally without spotting one of our photographers or getting too suspicious. This is where our pre-planning helps out! - We have a few options when it comes to being sneaky!

  1. Option 1- you will send us a picture of the two of you so we know whom to look out for. We will meet you at the agreed time and location (dressed as a tourist) and will kindly ask if we could take a photo of you both for the hotel's social media. Once agreed we will pose you and take a few test shots. After we have taken those shots it will be your queue to propose, leaving our photographer in the prime position to capture the shot.

  1. Option 2 - you tell your partner the hotel has included a free professional photographer as part of your booking. You will meet us at our lobby office. We will act as if we've never spoken before and will take you on our usual portrait walk around. During the session, our photographers will take you to the best locations around the Lake posing you as "normal". Once we get to the agreed location this will be your queue to propose.

Once we’ve captured the candid moment of the surprise proposal, we continue on a portrait session around Lake Louise capturing some celebratory, fun shots!

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