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What are the Lake Louise locations? Written by Sophie Smith

Depending on which package you book, we will take you to a variety of locations around Lake Louise. In this blog post. we will show you those locations.

In the image above, it will show you a quick breakdown of what we cover based on your booking package.

First location: Lakeside - covered in all three packages (Insta portrait/Essential 30/Classic 60) The iconic shot of Lake Louise.

Second location: Bridgeside, covered by Essential30 and Classic 60 only. Lovely shot of the Victoria glacier with the flowing river composition.

Third location: Boathouse. Covered by the Essential 30 and Classic 60 only. Great angle of Lake Louise including the Boathouse.

Forth location: Hillside. Covered by the Essential 30 and Classic 60 only. Great higher perspective shot of Lake Louise.

Fifth location: Mount Fairview, covered by the Classic 60 only. A different perspective of Lake Louise, with Mount Fairview as the backdrop!

Sixth location: Woodside- Covered by Classic 60 only. Perfect spot for those "Winter Christmas Card" moments.

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Lobby of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

111 Lake Louise Drive, Alberta

T0L 1E0, Canada

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