• Douglas Otto

What to consider when booking my portrait session? Written by Sophie Smith

Often the first thing to consider when booking your portrait session is time. Lake Louise offers a variety of character depending on what time you book your photo shoot. We often get asked a lot “What is the best time to book my photo shoot?” - well that really depends what sort of style you are looking for!

Mornings are usually our most popular time allocations, for two reasons. 1. It’s usually a lot quieter around the Lake in the morning, it's good to avoid the crowds. 2. The light is a lot softer in the mornings, harsh light from direct sunlight (around mid-day) can often cause clients to squint, or have shadowing across the portraits.

Evenings are equally as popular, if you book your shoot between the Golden hour there is a possibility that you could get a lovely sunset in the background of your portraits.

The second thing to consider when booking your portrait session is weather - specifically cloud coverage. The mountains have a tendency to change its weather very quickly, however keeping an eye on the weather is always a good shout. Photographer's favorite weather is partly-cloudy, this is because we still get soft light that the cloud produces, along with some blue sky coverage.

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